Research Grant Application

Research Grant Support

Concordia provides funding for investigator-initiated studies that include pre-clinical, translational, epidemiological, observational studies, registries and clinical research, as well as other scientifically based research projects. Concordia sponsored pre-clinical and clinical trials and projects are outside the scope of this support.

Application Process

All requesters must sign and return an agreement before any funds are issued.

In addition to the online application, please upload these required documents:

  • Applicant CV
  • W-9/W-8BEN form (if applicable);
  • Itemized budget for the entire study (if applicable).

Concordia, at its sole discretion, may reject an application for various reasons. Funding restrictions include (but not limited to):

  • Funding for non-research projects, including continuing medical education, charitable donations, and sponsorships.
  • Funding for an organization’s routine activities, including normal business operations.
  • Funding for capital equipment or construction.
  • Funding for staff not related to the study in the application.

For questions, please contact

Application Deadline

Research grant applications are accepted twice a year and must be submitted on or before February 1st and August 1st.  A response to your request will be completed by April 1st and October 1st respectively.


Submit Your Application

To submit your application, please fill out the Grant Application form below:

Research Grant Application

  • Applicant Information

  • Please complete all fields as incomplete applications will not be considered.

    Instructions: To select an answer, please click once in the box and use the arrow for the drop-down selection items.

  • Primary Investigator (PI)

  • Main Study Coordinator (SC)

  • Study Information

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  • Study Summary

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  • Description & procedures
  • Study Objectives

  • (Pediatric, Elderly, hepatic/liver impairment, etc.)
  • (laser, optical fiber)
  • Study duration

  • Number of Weeks
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  • Number of Weeks
  • Number of Weeks
  • Type of Support

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  • If "Yes", please provide details of the funding requested

  • USD
  • USD
  • Budget breakdown for subsequent years (If applicable):

  • USD
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  • USD
  • USD
  • If "Yes", please provide the name of the third party and the support requested

  • Number of Vials
  • Safety and Results Disclosure

  • Do you Accept:

    - Informing Concordia Laboratories Inc. about study safety data (e.g., adverse events, serious adverse events, unanticipated problems, pregnancy outcome, toxicology) during the course of this project

    - Providing Concordia Laboratories Inc. with any publication resulting from this study prior to submission for the sake of review and comments?

  • Click here to select Yes or No
  • Signature

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  • Please upload the following documents with your submission:

    • Applicant curriculum vitae
    • W-9/W-8BEN form (if applicable)
    • Detailed itemized budget (if applicable)
  • Drop files here or