Want your therapy to reach its peak?
You’ve come to the right place.

Creating market leaders from existing therapies is one of the things Pinnacle does best. We can bring new therapeutic entities to life, too.

Pinnacle is eager to acquire late-stage to launch-ready therapies in oncology and rare diseases with an eye towards improving outcomes for patients. Like-minded companies interested in partnering with Pinnacle are encouraged to contact us for additional information.

Reaching the peak the Pinnacle way

Pinnacle has a simple 5-step process for moving pharmaceutical and device brands to new heights.

Step 1: Proactive business development

  • Whether it’s label or geographic expansions, IP extension, and more, we’re eager to breathe new life into treatments in oncology or rare diseases, as well as devices

Step 2: Lifecycle management

  • From identifying and improving operations to exploring opportunities for expansion to new markets, we won’t stop until a brand reaches the top

Step 3: Managed regulatory and compliance functions

  • Incorporating global regulations, expert pharmaco-vigilance and compliance, and the highest level of ethics and compliance help us reach the highpoint for every brand we nurture

Step 4: Commercial and marketing support

  • Our collective experience in health care provides us with unique access to a global network of renowned scientists, globally recognized experts, local opinion leaders and international medical organizations, not to mention the impressively credentialed team of marketers at the apex of Pinnacle

Step 5: Distribution leverage

  • The relationships we have enable us to achieve what others find impossible, whether it be penetrating new markets or helping new patients

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