Grant Application Platform

Welcome to the grant application platform. Concordia Laboratories Inc. and Concordia Pharmaceutical Inc. (“Concordia”) specializes in revitalizing healthcare therapies and welcomes innovative approaches to maximize patient benefit.

Research Grant

Concordia provides funding for investigator initiated studies that include pre-clinical, translational, epidemiological, observational studies, registries and clinical research, as well as other scientifically based research projects. Concordia sponsored clinical trials and projects are outside the scope of this support.

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Continuing/Independent Medical Education Support

Continuing medical education (CME) programs are independently run and controlled programs that fulfill an unmet need in an effort to advance medical science and knowledge. Activities include those developed for healthcare professionals to maintain, develop, and enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional performance to provide better patient care. CME programs may be provided by an academic institution, hospital, or association.

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Charitable Donations

Concordia supports disease state education, patient education and outreach, and scientific and medical meetings, symposia, and conferences that align with the therapeutic areas that Concordia is involved in. Concordia occasionally funds requests for general organizational support for an unspecified purpose; however, these organizations must be non-profit and must not purchase products from Concordia.

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Under limited circumstances, Concordia may provide financial assistance for scholarships or other educational funds to permit medical students, residents, fellows, and other HCPs in training to attend certain educational meetings. Individuals receiving this funding must be selected by an academic or training institution. Scholarships may be provided only for major educational, scientific, or policymaking meetings of national, regional, or specialty medical associations.

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Fellowship Support

Concordia provides support for medical fellowship programs to assist in the cost for this additional education. Fellowship support may be provided only in pulmonology, thoracic surgery, and gastroenterology to individuals who have successfully completed their residency training at a US accredited medical school. An academic or training institution must select the individuals receiving fellowship support. 

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Please click on the appropriate link below to proceed to the appropriate application. You will need approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete the application. You will also need to upload additional materials prior to submission. Please complete the application form and all additional requested documents in their entirety before beginning the upload process. Upon submission, you will receive, via email, a note confirming your application.

Thank you for sharing your passion with Concordia